2012 UTSR Gas Turbine Industrial Fellowship Program

Siemens Power Generation, Inc. Fellowship Opportunity


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Siemens Power Generation, Inc. Fellowship Opportunity

Orlando, FL


Siemens Power Generation, Inc. is looking for engineering students to spend the summer semester working in an integrated product team environment developing gas turbine components, auxiliary systems, and supporting technologies.


Specific areas of focus include:

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Mechanical Design and Analysis

  • Thermal Cycle Analysis

  • Material Science (metallurgy, ceramics, coating technology)

    Advanced Gas Turbines operate at very high temperatures and extremely aggressive environments. Consequently, the Hot Section Turbine components use High-Temperature Coatings (HTC) as a means of protection. The performance and life of these components depends very strongly on the properties of the Advanced HTCs. The generation, documentation, analyses and storage of these HTC properties are of critical importance to GT Design and Operation. Additionally, given the high potential return on investment in the area of HTC Development and Implementation, this is one of the most exciting and funded area in the field of Materials Development for Advanced Gas Turbines.


    Siemens Power Generation, Inc. is thus looking for motivated individuals with strong analytical & organization skills, to work with Coatings Engineers in the GT Materials Engineering Department and develop effective ways to incorporate Coatings Property Data into our Database Management System called MVISION.

  • Combustion -

    Modeling of the effects of changes in fuel composition and combustor geometry for catalytic and non catalytic combustion systems. Running small scale experiments on prototype designs at Casselberry Labs.

  • Control Systems

  • Sensors and Diagnostics

  • Acoustics

Experience with Siemens Power Generation, Inc. standard computational tools (Pro Engineer , Ansys, CFX) is an asset.


Contact Information

Klaus Brun

UTSR Gas Turbine Industrial Fellowship Program

(210) 522-5449

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January 16, 2014