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Automotive Corrosion Symposium Call for Posters

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SwRI is excited to announce its first annual Automotive Corrosion Symposium scheduled for March 31-April 1. Papers are being solicited that provide perspective on automotive corrosion concerns facing the industry, precompetitive research aimed at addressing corrosion and corrosion mitigation strategies, governmental policies that have the potential to affect automotive corrosion, and lessons learned within the industry.

We encourage you to submit a relevant poster abstract with title for the opportunity to present during the symposium. View a list of selected Speakers & Abstracts.


Topics sought include but are not limited to:

  • Mixed Materials for Automotive Use (examples of materials and their joining processes, success stories, and failures)
  • Accelerated Testing (correlation of lab to road to field for (a) corrosion mechanisms, (b) rank order performance, and (c) service life prediction)
  • Coatings and Sealants (materials, service life prediction, mechanisms of failure)
  • Combined Effects (e.g. environmental cracking)
  • Future Materials (e.g. additively manufactured materials)
  • Corrosion Sensing and Analytics
  • Modeling of Corrosion (galvanic corrosion, localized corrosion (pitting and crevice corrosion), environmental fracture, etc.) 
  • Special Considerations For Corrosion Protection of Low- and Zero-Emission Vehicles
  • Future Operational Environments (e.g. alternative deicers)
  • Future Technologies (e.g. near term as driven by motor sport and aerospace, and long term)

Submit questions to SwRI Automotive Corrosion or call +1 210 522 5458 for more information.