Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Chemistry Lab Testing and Analysis 3


Labor Category Description: Individuals at this level demonstrate significant technical leadership within Institute Science and Engineering staff. Individuals contribute to and guide the technical direction of projects. Individuals comprise the corps of knowledgeable, responsible and experienced project managers operating under the technical management line of authority. Individuals serve as project managers of smaller and less complex initiatives or tasks of larger, more complex projects. Individuals assigned in this position:

  • Plan, design, coordinate and control the progress of project work to meet client objectives.
  • Supervise others as project managers, assuming full responsibility for technical, financial, and work product project completion goals.
  • Lead proposal efforts and new promotional work.
  • Provide recommendations to management regarding planning, program development and project and promotional efforts.
  • Present and publish technical papers.
  • Manage technical groups of employees with specific skill sets. 

Qualifications: This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in the individual’s field of specialization and 7 years of experience as a minimum.  Individuals are successful in managing laboratory, testing and development projects and have the aptitude to lead others and administer the technical, financial, client interaction and organizational aspects of programs primarily in chemistry, fire technology, and chemical engineering and have built a program or direct multiple program activities in a wide technical field. Technical areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, design, integration, evaluation, analytical instrumentation, method development, research development, and testing. Acceptable Substitutions:  AS and 22 years experience; MS and 6 years experience; PhD and 5 years experience.