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Intellectual Property

We recognize the importance of intellectual property whether through a patent, licensing of software, copyright, invention disclosures, trademarks, or trade secrets.


Since 1947 we have earned more than 1,400 U.S. patents. As part of a long-held tradition, patent rights arising from sponsored research at the Institute can be assigned to the client. SwRI generally retains the rights to Institute-funded advancements. We also help clients pursue patents for their sponsored research. If you are interested in licensing SwRI IP, contact our General Counsel’s Office at +1 210 522 5560.


Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
4,947,470 08/06/1990 System for Locating Leaks in Geomembrane-lined Impoundment or Landfill Filled with Material

Glenn T. Darilek

4,948,912 08/13/1990 Alkylating Agents and Method of Use Thereof

Robert E. Lyle, Jr.; Donald J. Mangold; Nolie F. Swynnerton

4,950,374 08/20/1990 Electrophoretic Leak Sealing System

Glenn T. Darilek; Daren L. Laine

4,958,333 09/17/1990 Shielding for Seismic Cables

John T. O'Brien

4,958,605 09/24/1990 Fuel Injection Nozzle

Glenn B. O'Neal; Quentin A. Baker; Henry E. Mecredy, III; Daniele Terna

4,966,156 10/29/1990 Pressurization System for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor Transducer (ID 1979)

William D. Perry; Dean C. Winter

4,979,125 12/17/1990 Non-Destructive evaluation of ropes by using transvers impulse vibrational wave method

Hegeon Kwun; Gary L. Burkhardt

4,984,738 01/14/1991 Unit Injector for Staged Injection

Knut Winquist

4,987,900 01/28/1991 Apparatus for Positioning Transducer for Blood Pressure Monitor (ID 1792)

Dean C. Winter; Joseph S. Eckerle

4,992,310 02/11/1991 Fire Pouch

Gabriel M. Geib; William A. Mallow; Scott Stropkay