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Intellectual Property

We recognize the importance of intellectual property whether through a patent, licensing of software, copyright, invention disclosures, trademarks, or trade secrets.


Since 1947 we have earned more than 1,400 U.S. patents. As part of a long-held tradition, patent rights arising from sponsored research at the Institute can be assigned to the client. SwRI generally retains the rights to Institute-funded advancements. We also help clients pursue patents for their sponsored research. If you are interested in licensing SwRI IP, contact our General Counsel’s Office at +1 210 522 5560.


Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
5,364,634 11/14/1994 Controlled-Release PH Sensitive Capsule and Adhesive System and Method

Chel W. Lew;

5,064,650 11/11/1991 Controlled-Release Salt Sensitive Capsule for Oral Use and Adhesive System

Chel W. Lew;

9,164,514 10/19/2015 Cooperative Perimeter Patrol System and Method

Paul A. Avery; Samuel E. Slocum; Jerry A. Towler

7,994,902 08/08/2011 Cooperative Sensor-Sharing Vehicle Traffic Safety System

Paul A. Avery; Joshua J. Curtis; Reda L. Bouraoui

9,605,613 03/28/2017 Coordinated Control of Engine and After Treatment Systems

Jayant V. Sarlashkar; Ryan C. Roecker

4,400,036 08/22/1983 Corner-Cutting Mining Assembly

John A. Bradley

8,466,695 06/17/2013 Corrosion Monitoring of Concrete Reinforcement Bars (or Other Buried Corrodable Structures) Using Distributed Node Electrodes

Kuang-Tsan Kenneth Chiang; Lietai Yang

8,230,797 07/30/2012 Corrosion Resistant Coatings Suitable for Elevated Temperature Application

Kwai S. Chan; Narayana Sastry Cheruvu; Wuwei Liang

4,431,447 02/13/1984 Corrosion Resistant Weld Overlay Cladding Alloy & Weld Deposit

Wilbur R. Schick

8,833,146 09/15/2014 Corrosion Sensor

Hui Yu; Leonardo Caseres