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Intellectual Property

We recognize the importance of intellectual property whether through a patent, licensing of software, copyright, invention disclosures, trademarks, or trade secrets.


Since 1947 we have earned more than 1,400 U.S. patents. As part of a long-held tradition, patent rights arising from sponsored research at the Institute can be assigned to the client. SwRI generally retains the rights to Institute-funded advancements. We also help clients pursue patents for their sponsored research. If you are interested in licensing SwRI IP, contact our General Counsel’s Office at +1 210 522 5560.


Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
11,079,493 08/03/2021 Determination of Integrity of Incoming Satellite Signals of Satellite Navigation System and Mitigation of Unwanted Signals

Thomas Howard Jaeckle

11,098,260 08/24/2021 Chemical Warfare Agents and Related Compounds as Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines

Darrel W. Johnston; Monica R. Medrano; Daniel Moreland; Michael MacNaughton; Matthew S. Blais; Jimell Erwin

11,121,463 09/14/2021 Van Atta Antenna Array with Patch Elements and Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Dorel Marius Necsoiu; Brad D. Moore; Emilio Martinez, Jr.

11,118,873 09/14/2021 Strobed Illuminators (Dazzler) with Synchronized Imaging Optics

Andrew R. Moore; Omar D. Medjaouri; Joseph N. Mitchell; Trent Marshall Hejazi

11,125,723 09/21/2021 Eddy Current Testing for Measuring Residual Stress Around Cold-Worked Holes

Teodor Dogaru; Clinton J. Thwing; Darryl Wagar

11,149,244 10/19/2021 Three-Dimensional Bioreactor for T-Cell Activation and Expansion for Immunotherapy

Jian Ling

11,148,113 10/19/2021 Microencapsulation Utilizing an Unsaturated Alkyl Carboxylic Acid and/or an Unsaturated Alkyl Ester

James D. Oxley

11,156,191 10/26/2021 Internal Combustion Engine with Cross-Boosting Turbochargers

Shinhyuk Joo; Christopher James Chadwell

11,156,181 10/26/2021 Multiple Mode Operation of Hydrogen-Fueled Internal Combustion Engine

Terrance Francis Alger; Thomas E. Briggs, Jr.; Graham Thomas Conway

11,165,492 11/02/2021 Techniques for Spatializing Audio Received in RF Transmissions and a System and Method Implementing Same

Tyler Thomas Bull, Albert J. Parvin, Jr., Gregg C. Williams