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Intellectual Property

We recognize the importance of intellectual property whether through a patent, licensing of software, copyright, invention disclosures, trademarks, or trade secrets.


Since 1947 we have earned more than 1,400 U.S. patents. As part of a long-held tradition, patent rights arising from sponsored research at the Institute can be assigned to the client. SwRI generally retains the rights to Institute-funded advancements. We also help clients pursue patents for their sponsored research. If you are interested in licensing SwRI IP, contact our General Counsel’s Office at +1 210 522 5560.


Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
5,759,904 06/01/1998 Suppression of Transient Enhanced Diffusion in Ion Implanted Silicon

Geoffrey Dearnaley

6,453,264 09/16/2002 Surface Flaw Detection Using Spatial Raman-Based Imaging

John Francis Maguire; John David Busbee; Steven R. LeClair

7,753,025 07/12/2010 Surface Ignition Mechanism for Diesel Engines

Shizuo Sasaki; Gary D.Neely

5,486,768 01/22/1996 Surface Resistivity Meter for Determining Surface Degradation of High Resistivity Materials

William A. Mallow; H. Stanley Silvus; Charles H. Parr; Jerome Dzuik, Jr.

8,415,491 04/08/2013 Surface Treatment and Exchange of Nanostructures From Aqueous Suspension Into Organic Media and Into Polymer-Matrix Compososites

Benjamin R. Furman; Stephen T. Wellinghoff; Michael J. Rubal

9,747,508 08/29/2017 Surrounding Environment Recognition Device

Akira Mizutani; Douglas A. Brooks; David R. Chambers; Edmond M. Dupont

5,888,528 03/29/1999 Sustained Release Biocidal Composition

Stephen T. Wellinghoff; Sumner A. Barenberg; Hong Dixon; Joel J. Kampa;

5,650,446 07/21/1997 Sustained Release Biocidal Composition

Stephen T. Wellinghoff; Joel J. Kampa

5,922,776 07/12/1999 Sustained Release, Transparent Biocidal Coatings

Stephen T. Wellinghoff; Joel J. Kampa; Sumner A. Barenberg

4,885,327 12/04/1989 Swelled Polymeric Decontamination Composition

William A. McMahon, Jr.; David A. Trujillo; Robert E. Lyle, Jr.