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International Human Performance Summit

Jul 20, 2023 to Jul 21, 2023
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IHPS 2023 is July 20-21 in San Antonio

Stay tuned for details on registration for the 2023 International Human Performance Summit. The event will take place at SwRI in San Antonio. Learn more about our 2022 event below.

IHPS 2022

Last year’s IHPS, hosted in San Antonio, TX, took place on Sept 22-23, 2022.  The objective of the Summit was to provide attendees evidence-based, actionable information that can be put into practice. Each speaker had 45 minutes for their presentation, and another 10 minutes for Q&A, which allowed ample time to dive deep into their areas of expertise.

Summit Speakers

  • Andy Walshe, PhD, Founder and Chief Performance Officer of Liminal Collective, Liminal Collective
  • Pauly DiTuro, Research Adjunct, University of South Carolina
  • Jon Bartlett, PhD, Elite Basketball Performance & Operations Advisor, NBA
  • Silvia Blemker, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Springbok Analytics
  • Pat Burgess, MS CSCS, Director of Future Operations, Guardian Premier Solutions
  • Steve Magness, Co-Founder of The Growth Equation, The Growth Equation
  • Sam Robertson, PhD, Professor of Sports Analytics, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Jo Clubb, Sports Science Consultant, Global Performance Insights
  • Travis Eliason, Sr. Research Engineer, Southwest Research Institute
  • Les Spellman, Founder of Spellman Performance, Spellman Performance


Topics of Discussion

In addition to hearing outstanding speakers, attendees gained insight from the other attendees and develop relationships across different organizations. Previous summits included attendees from professional and collegiate sports teams, military special operations, universities, human performance R&D organizations, and other experts in the field of elite human performance. For 2022, great presentations were given in the fields of:

  • Unleashing Human Potential
  • Resilience
  • Recovery
  • Sleep and Brain Optimization
  • Sprint Biomechanics
  • Big Data in Human Performance
  • AI for Injury Prediction
  • Data Integration


Cost & Registration

The summit was hosted by Southwest Research Institute as part of our ongoing Human Performance Initiative. Registration was $300 and included two days of interactive presentations and discussions along with breakfast, lunch, snacks, and refreshments. Visit the registration link below for more information or contact Koen Flores at +1 210 522 4533 or Travis Thompson at +1 210 522 2974 if you have any questions about this event. If interested in discounted rates for Military, Student or One Day Pass please contact Michelle Valero at +1 210 522 2260.