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ITS 5C Summit

Oct 07, 2018 to Oct 10, 2018
Jacksonville, FL, United States
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SwRI will be exhibiting at the ITS 5C Summit, Booth No. 461, in Jacksonville, Florida. Come listen to our speakers in technical sessions A and B.

Monday, October 08

1:30-3:00 PM, Orlando, Technical Session A, CITIZENS: SECURITY
“Systemic Cybersecurity: Improving TMS Field Network Resilience Through Hardened Devices,” Marisa Ramon

The allure of greater connectivity and automation to solve and manage the complexities of transportation systems has created a network of connected roadside cabinets on the district level, state level, and cloud. Many of these systems grew from a small number of connected devices on private networks to vast architectures composed of thousands of embedded systems. These devices are now capable of directly influencing commuters and traffic, as well as integration into smart city infrastructure. While the traditional IT tools and techniques that protect the business networks of the modern Traffic Management System (TMS) have matured over decades, the security of embedded systems that compose the field network have received minimal attention. In this presentation we discuss the unique attack surface of the modern TMS, and how to leverage embedded system hardening techniques and strengthen network architecture to contain and prevent cyber-attacks. 

Monday, October 08

4:00-5:30 PM, River Terrace 1, Technical Session B, CARS: CV TEST BEDS
“Using Ranger System for High-Precision On-Road localization of AV,” Jesus Martinez, P.E., PMP

SwRI has developed a Ranger system for high-precision on-road localization (position finding). This patented technology received an R&D 100 Award as one of the top 100 innovations of the year. Systems such as global positioning system (GPS) are not adequate for the task of precision driving and lane keeping, since GPS positions can be inaccurate by several meters. This is especially true in dense urban environments due to occlusions of the GPS sky view by items such as taller building and trees. SwRI’s Ranger system, by comparison, is precise to within <10 cm. It is based on a downward-facing camera that maps the road surface and uses that map to find the vehicle’s position with a high degree of certainty for subsequent runs along the route. SwRI has integrated this system onto many types of vehicles, from golf carts to large trucks.


For more information, please contact Jesus Martinez.