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SwRI Automotive Webinar Series: Heavy-Duty Cylinder Deactivation

Jun 03, 2020
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Join us Wednesday, June 3, 2020, at 12:00-1:30 PM CDT

Host: Chris Bitsis

SwRI is pleased to present a webinar covering three SAE technical papers on Cylinder Deactivation (CDA) in heavy duty diesel engines. Andrew Matheaus presents engine data with and without CDA taken over various light load transient cycles. Andrew Morris discusses the impact of CDA on turbocharger machinery. Gary Neely presents thermal management and hardware improvements to meet ultra-low NOX goals, including CDA.

Discussion Topics

SAE 2020-01-0800, Andrew Matheaus
Evaluation of Cylinder Deactivation on a Class 8 Truck over Light Load Cycles
Average exhaust temperatures increased by up to 50° C and reductions of CO2 up to 15%

SAE 2020-01-1407, Andrew Morris
The Effect of Heavy-Duty Diesel Cylinder Deactivation on Exhaust Temperature, Fuel Consumption, and Turbocharger Performance up to 3 bar BMEP
Up to 200° C increase in exhaust temperature while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption

SAE 2020-01-0318, Gary D. Neely
CARB Low NOX Stage 3 Program - Modified engine Calibration and Hardware Evaluations
Technologies and approach to meet Ultra-Low NOX are discussed

For more information, please contact Chris Bitsis or call +1 210 522 5509.