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Test Your Prototype: A Fluids Engineer’s Story

Nov 05, 2019
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After months or years in the research and development process, the time has come to build and test your widget. This often includes the integration of multiple complex mechanical, electrical, and software systems. In addition, the widget also has to be integrated into a testing interface to quantify the performance. The next step is the often underestimated effort known as “commissioning.” There are many challenges when incorporating a large number of subsystems. Software needs to control both the widget and the testing apparatus. Mechanical systems need to operate in unison. Subsystems need to be operated to improve the efficiency of the completed system. And problems that arise need to be identified and fixed through troubleshooting. This webinar investigates three case studies of the test development of prototype systems. The topics will include questions such as: How can safety be incorporated into the testing of new systems? How do you develop test procedures for the test subsystems? How can you be prepared when commissioning does not go as planned? How do you determine when the testing is complete? Join us to learn how to better prepare for the testing portion of your research and development.

Join us for a free webinar Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time
Host: Jordan Nielson

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