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World MoveIt! Day

Nov 20, 2019
San Antonio, TX, United States
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Visit UTSA on November 20, 2019 for World MoveIt! Day, hosted by The Ros-Industrial Consortium! This is a chance to work alongside other experienced developers to get some exposure to live in open-source for industrial automation. This hack-a-thon event will take place on the UTSA campus and we will have live feeds from the other sites around the world that are online while we are working.

MoveIt! is an easy-to-use robotics manipulation platform for developing applications, evaluating designs, and building integrated products. MoveIt! is a key enabler for a number of robotics projects, and is a key component within the robotics open-source community.

UTSA Engineering Building Room 2.04.26A
1 UTSA Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78249

For more information, please contact Jorge Nicho.