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Custom Fire Testing

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As one of the world’s largest fire research organizations, we have extensive capabilities and expertise to customize fire tests for a wide range of systems and equipment. Our staff is well versed in a wide range of fire testing using methodologies and pulling from other fields of expertise to address research and client testing needs. Our testing laboratories are accredited through federal, state, international, and other various agencies. We have a multi-million dollar custom pollution abatement system that allows us to conduct tests safely while reducing emissions and hazardous waste. Since the 1950s, we have conducted fire testing and research servicing both industry and government. 

For questions about this testing, please contact Karen Carpenter at +1 210 522 3718.

Custom Fire Testing Services

Custom Design Contact
Aerosol Cans/Candles Gene Horton
Natasha Albracht
Aerospace Components (Testing and Evaluations) Alexandra Joyce
Combat Vehicle Survivability Testing Marc Janssens
Combustion and Inhalation Toxicity Matthew Blais
Custom Design Offshore Fire Systems Jeremy McDonald
Environmental Control Equipment  Bill Bendele
Explosibility Alexandra Joyce
Fire Fighting Foam Evaluations Jason Huczek
Fire Modeling   Jason Huczek
Fire Protection Custom-Design Tests   Jason Huczek
Flame Arrester   Alexandra Joyce
Flexible Hose Evaluation for Offshore Installations Bill Bendele
Jeremy McDonald
Full-Scale Pool Fire Simulations   Bill Bendele
Gas and Vapor Cloud Fire and Explosion   Alexandra Joyce
Gas Dispersion (Accidental Releases)   Alexandra Joyce
Glazing Materials Bill Bendele
Heat Transfer Equipment (Testing and Evaluation)   Alexandra Joyce
High Temperature Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Matthew Blais
Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Simulation >2000°F   Bill Bendele
Jet Fire/High Intensity Apparatus/High-Rise Curve   Jeremy McDonald
Large-Scale Heat Release Rate Calorimetry Karen Carpenter
Listing and Labeling Services   Tim Koebke
Natural Gas Systems (Transmission and Distribution)  Alexandra Joyce
Perimeter Joints and Fire Stops   Karen Carpenter
Pool Fire/Flame Engulfment Evaluations   Bill Bendele
Pressure Relief Devices Exposed to Fire Evaluation Bill Bendele
Alexandra Joyce
Propellant Combustion, Fires, and Military Studies   Alexandra Joyce
Propellant Pyrotechnics and High Sensitivity Studies   Alexandra Joyce
Risks and Hazard Analysis  Alexandra Joyce
Room Temperature/Rate of Heat Release Test  Jason Huczek
School Bus Seat Test Gene Horton
Natasha Albracht
Smoke Detector/Alarm Systems Jason Huczek
Sprinkler Evaluation for Rack Storage in Warehouse   Jason Huczek
Sprinkler System Evaluations Jason Huczek
Telecommunications NEBS   Bill Bendele
Toxicity Evaluation of Smoke by Radiant Combustion and Exposure Apparatus Gene Horton
Natasha Albracht
Vehicle Fuel Tank Vulnerability Bill Bendele