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Flow Meter Calibration & Testing Services

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Calibrations in the Metering Research Facility (MRF) typically consist of multiple flow rates (6 to 10) at a single pressure and temperature. At each flow rate, six consecutive 90-second runs are performed to verify meter repeatability. Because critical flow nozzles are used for flow control and measurement, there are discrete flow rates available in either loop based on the nozzle combination.

Flow points specific to your test conditions can be estimated by using the online flow calculator. A standard calibration generally takes two days—the first day for installing the meter, related piping, and secondary instrumentation (pressure and temperature transmitters supplied by the MRF) and the second day for the flow test.

If you have specific testing/calibration needs, please contact the MRF.

Standard flow meter calibrations are typically performed in one of the two legs of the HPL test section or in one of the parallel branches of the LPL. Special piping arrangements to replicate field installations can also be accommodated in the facilities. The test ranges available are shown in the following table.

MRF Performance Specifications
Maximum Flow Rate, MSCFH 7,100* 663
Maximum Flow Rate, ACFH 82,800* 45,000
Pressure, psig 150 to 1,100 50 to 200
Temperature, Gas °F 40 to 150 40 to 150
Pipe Size, inch 2 to 20 1 to 8
Specific Gravity** 0.55 to 0.97 0.55 to 0.97
Test Fluid Natural Gas/N2 NG/N2
Primary Flow Standard Weigh Tank Weigh Tank

 *Maximum flow rate with sonic nozzle flow control. Higher flow rates are available, but without sonic nozzle flow control.
**The typical specific gravity of natural gas at the MRF is approximately 0.57


Measurement Accuracy
  Measurement Accuracy*
Flow Rate 0.1 to 0.25% (R)
Pressure 0.015% (F) of value
Temperature 0.05 °F (F)
Specific Gravity 0.05 (R)
Reynolds No 1.0% (R)

*R = Reading
 F = Full Scale

For more information about flow meter calibration and testing services, please contact Terry Grimley at +1 210 522 2353.