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Fuel Tank Testing

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We are recognized worldwide as a center of excellence for fire research and testing in support of the road, rail and air transportation industries and provide flammability, fuel systems, plastic tanks and components and liquid/vapor permeation testing. We evaluate fuel delivery systems and tanks. Our indoor facility has an overhead crane and calibrated fueling system to support fire resistance testing of nonmetallic fuel tanks (ECE R34 Annex 5). We also have a remote site for testing pressurized fuel systems.

In conjunction with plastic fuel tank testing, we perform a range of fire exposure tests on full size batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles.  Testing is performed in accordance to ECE 100 Annex 8E and GB/T 31467 3-2015, Section 7.10.  We have the capabilities to perform testing on all size batteries, from cell to full pack level, and with multiple burner assemblies. 

For questions about fuel tank testing, please contact Bill Bendele at +1 210 522 2728.

For questions about battery fire testing, please contact Jeremy McDonald at +1 210 522 5469.