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Fuels and Lubes Lab Testing and Analysis Support 1


Labor Category Description: Individuals assigned in these non-exempt positions possess in-depth skills and expertise in a specialty field and provide key support to scientific and engineering project personnel. Individuals exercise wide latitude in carrying out technical instructions and require minimum supervision. Individuals assigned in this position:

  • Utilize personal discretion and knowledge to construct components, models and adaptations of standard equipment.
  • Troubleshoot problems with test equipment and components.
  • Interact with senior staff and clients in discussion of current tests or future activities.
  • Provide input to technical reports, proposals and procedures.
  • Analyze technical data to uncover anomalies and/or report pertinent data elements.
  • Provide training and assist with development of subordinate staff.
  • Mentor subordinate technical laboratory staff.

Qualifications: This position requires a High School diploma or equivalent education, an Associate’s degree, trade school education or continuing education and five years of relevant experience as a minimum.  Individuals supervise and train subordinate staff and interact with project managers and client technical representatives to ensure proper laboratory testing of products or prototypes primarily in fuels and fluids engineering and have built a program or direct multiple program activities in a wide technical field. Technical areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, managing fuels, lubricants, functional fluids research, development, and evaluation programs; testing and analysis of fuel properties and performance, lubricants, automotive fluids, engine and vehicle components, wear, contamination, failure modes, long-term durability; development of test systems and procedures.