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Thermal, Mechanical & Chemical Energy Storage

The concept of thermal, mechanical and chemical energy storage (TMCES) is rapidly advancing as an alternative to grid-scale electrochemical batteries that store renewable energy for extended periods. The U.S. Department of Energy, grid operators and utilities are helping to commercialize compressed air, pumped heat, advanced pumped hydro, flywheels, thermal, gravitational and hydrogen or other chemistry-based storage systems. Southwest Research Institute supports the non-battery storage industry with research and development and technical solutions, including:

TMCES Resources & Workshops

SwRI supports the technical community with the following non-battery storage resources that expand awareness and technical knowledge across several industries:

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Related Services

SwRI’s TMCES services include cycle and system analysis and optimization, machinery development, materials engineering, site evaluation, feasibility studies, preliminary design, systems integration, software development, and demo/pilot facility design, construction, and operation. Visit the links below to learn about these and other related services for energy storage for government and industry.