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International Multiphase Flow Separation Symposium (IMFS2)

The 2019 International Multiphase Flow Separation Symposium (IMFS2) has been cancelled. Please contact us via email or call +1 210 522 3519 with questions.


The International Multiphase Flow Separation Symposium (IMFS2) is a knowledge-sharing and thought-provoking event intended to bring together experts from around the world who have different backgrounds and interests in the area of phase separation. The goal of the IMFS2 is to combine the expertise from the upstream and midstream business sectors within the oil and gas industry to discuss phase separation topics related to:

  • overcoming design challenges and limitations
  • improving standards and specifications
  • new and innovative separation technologies
  • effective diagnostic tools
  • management and the impact of flow assurance issues in separation
  • the value that high-quality data play in improving designs and decision making

The inaugural event in 2018 was highly successful industry-driven forum that united operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers and researchers to discuss current design practices, design specifications supported by data under realistic conditions, and the experience of experts.