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Bioburden Testing

Bioburden testing, or microbial limit testing, examines the quality control of produced products or evaluates the efficacy of procedures to remove microorganisms and maintain a level of cleanliness. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) applies bioburden testing techniques such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence, plate counts, membrane filtration, microscopy, most probable number and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to determine levels of microbial contamination.

Disinfectant supernatant test against E. coli

Disinfectant supernatant test against E. coli at 10^-4 showing efficacy

Sterility Testing & Bioburden Monitoring Services

We apply sterility testing, bioburden testing and bioburden monitoring services to several areas, including:

  • Buildings & cleanrooms
  • Medical devices, solutions, and materials
  • Payload planetary protection testing
  • Environmental assessments (soil, drinking/ground/receiving and wastewater, air, exposed substrates)
  • Investigative research and development of food-borne or material-based microbial contaminates
  • Oil and gas
  • Air cleaners
Rack of labeled test tubes

Stainless steel carrier study

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Woman in blue lab coat working in anaerobic work environment

Anaerobic work environment for C. difficile (R&D for hospital-grade product)