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Mechanical and Materials Engineering Support 4

Mechanical Engineering Division


Task Description: Individuals assigned in these non-exempt positions perform entry-level technical support functions of a routine nature under the close supervision of senior technical staff. Individuals at this level have an ability to learn, knowledge of general technical areas and materials and equipment. Individuals assigned in this position:

Clean laboratory equipment, materials, and components for testing following defined procedures.
Assist skilled personnel in performing technical work.
Use PCs and PC applications to maintain test data.
Conduct routine tests as directed by supervisors following written or verbal protocols.
Assists with data documentation and analysis.

Qualifications: Individuals perform general technical activities that support projects primarily in mechanical and materials engineering. Technical areas of expertise include engineering dynamics, materials engineering, mechanical and fluids engineering, structural engineering, and electromagnetic compatibility engineering to improve the safety, reliability, efficiency and life of new or existing mechanical components, structures and systems. Individuals have a high school degree or equivalent education, an Associates Degree, Trade School education or continuing education and zero to 2 years of relevant experience.