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  • Is Version 3 still available for free?
    No. The NASA NASGRO® website was shut down, and Version 3 is no longer supported.
  • What improvements have been made to NASGRO since Version 3.0.20?
    Click on the "What's New" link above. This page provides a link to our Release Notes page with links to the NASGRO release notes for each version.
  • How often will new versions be available?
    Complete new versions (with new features & capabilities) are planned for release once a year.
  • Will revisions be substantial improvements or will they sometimes be bug fixes? If a revision is basically a bug fix, will we be charged for it?
    "Substantial improvements" will go into new versions (that you will have to pay for). Bug fix updates for the current version will be provided at no cost for the current version.
  • Who will be developing the revisions?
    Revisions/improvements to NASGRO are being made by the NASGRO Team, composed of SwRI, NASA-JSC, and Jacobs Technology (a subcontractor to NASA-JSC and SwRI). These revisions/improvements are being funded by the NASGRO Consortium participants, NASA, and the FAA.
  • Is it intended to add additional material data to NASMAT?
    Yes. And we are always looking for sources for additional data!
  • Who gets to decide what the improvements to the code should be?
    The NASGRO Consortium participants, NASA, the FAA (the funding parties), and SwRI. Licensees can submit suggestions for improvements to NASGRO by clicking the "feedback" link above.
  • If I obtain a license to NASGRO 9.0, what happens if I decide to not purchase a license for version 9.1 a year from now?
    Each NASGRO license is perpetual, you can use it as long as you want. You are under no obligation to purchase a license for a new version. However, once a new version is released, support for previous version(s) will be limited.


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