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Non-Contact Magnetostrictive Sensor for Guided Wave Monitoring of Wireropes or Other Solid Ferrous Objects without Ferromagnetic Coupling : 10,073,066


A non contact sensor for use in magnetostrictive testing of a solid ferrous structure. In its simplest form, the sensor has a set of permanent magnets arranged in a row with their poles in the same direction, an electrical coil wrapped around the set of magnets, wrapped in direction parallel to the common poles of the magnets, thereby forming a top portion above the set of magnets and a bottom portion below the set of magnets, and a metal shield interposed between the top portion of the coil and the set of magnets. The sensor is operable such that a time varying current in the coil causes guided waves to travel to the structure and to be reflected from anomalies in the structure even when there is no ferromagnetic coupling material between the sensor and the structure. 

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Sergey A. Vinogradov; Glenn M. Light