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Media Access Control Method with Time-coherence and Deterministic Scheduling for Wireless Communications Network: 10,123,294


A method of synchronizing the transmission and receipt of messages by radios within a wireless communications network. It is assumed that the radios have chip scale atomic clocks, which are externally synchronized, such as by GPS, but only at the beginning of a mission. Each radio defaults to a sleep mode, in which its receive and transmit circuitry is inactive. Each radio stores a channel plan of pre-determined base transmit times, and calculates a worst case time drift between clocks and a propagation delay value between combinations of radios. At each base transmit time, if a radio has an outgoing message to transmit, it subtracts propagation delay from the base transmit time, and transmits only at that time. Also, for each base transmit time, each radio subtracts time drift, thereby determining a receive time window during which it listens for messages from other radios.

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Travis R. Thompson; Michael S. Moore; Kase J. Saylor; Patrick R. Heenan