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Apparatus and Methods for Exhaust Gas Recirculation for an Internal Combustion Engine Utilizing at Least Two Hydrocarbon Fuels: 10,125,726


A method of operating an internal combustion engine having a plurality of cylinders, the method comprising: operating the engine with at least one of the cylinders of the engine as a dedicated exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cylinder; mixing exhaust gas expelled from the dedicate EGR cylinder with air in an intake system to provide a mixture of exhaust gas and air; providing a first hydrocarbon fuel and a second hydrocarbon fuel; introducing a charge comprising the first hydrocarbon fuel, the second hydrocarbon fuel and the mixture of exhaust gas and air to the dedicated EGR cylinder; igniting the charge in the dedicated EGR cylinder; expelling exhaust gas from the dedicated EGR cylinder; and recirculating the exhaust gas to the intake system of the engine.

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Cary A. Henry