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Sealing Device Test Systems and Methods: 10,662,766


A dynamic testing system for sealing devices includes a shaft that is reciprocated in a bore through a body. The shaft includes a first seal assembly and a second seal assembly disposed a distance apart on the shaft. When the shaft is inserted into the bore, the first seal assembly and the second seal assembly form a fluid-tight seal between the external surface of the shaft and the internal surface of the bore--this forms a fluid-tight cavity between the seal assemblies. Sealing devices in each of the first seal assembly and the second seal assembly experience chemical attack and mechanical wear. One or more axial force measurement sensors measure the force applied by a prime mover to reciprocate the shaft within the bore. Data acquisition circuitry collects the force information and generates a graphical output that plots friction force against reciprocating cycle count. 

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Nigil Satish Jeyashekar; Peter Mark Lee