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3-D Imaging Sensor Based Location Estimation: 9,218,529


A system and method for estimating a location of an object or vehicle is provided. Images of a region encompassing the object are obtained, providing a three dimensional (3-D) view frame of the region. 3-D view frames are collected along a direction of travel of the object. A 3-D map is generated along the direction of travel of the object, the map based on the 3-D view frames and further based on an estimate of motion of the object at times associated with the 3-D view frames. A first set of features is extracted from the 3-D map. A geo-referenced feature database is searched for a second set of features that match the first set of features. A geo-location associated with the second set of features is retrieved from the feature database. The location of the object is estimated based on the retrieved geo-location.

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Christopher L. Lewis; William C. Flannigan; Michael O. Blanton; Douglas A. Brooks