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Two-Stage Hypocycloidal Gear Train: 9,927,005


A gear train including a rotatable drive shaft and a clutch roller in rotatable contact with the drive shaft or mounted on the drive shaft. A first wobble gear and a second wobble gear are suspended around the drive shaft, wherein the first wobble gear is affixed to and concentric with the second wobble gear and the clutch roller is preloaded against the first and second wobble gears. A first ring gear surrounding and engaged by the first wobble gear; and a second ring gear surrounding and engaged by the second wobble gear. The ring gears being coaxial and rotatable relative to one another. The drive shaft rotates the clutch roller, which drives the first and second wobble gears, such that the wobble gears rotate around the drive shaft and at least one of the first and second ring gears rotate around the common axis.

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Paul B. Hvass; Glynn R. Bartlett