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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
8,378,922 02/18/2013 System and Method for Position or Range Estimation, Tracking and Selective Interrogation and Communication

Ralph E. Hayles Jr.; James A. Moryl

7,580,004 08/24/2009 System and Method for Position or Range Estimation, Tracking, and Selective Interrogation and Communication

Ralph E. Hayles, Jr.; James A. Moryl

7,557,570 07/06/2009 System and Method for Producing Color Contour Maps of Surface Defects of High Pressure Pipelines

Alfred E. Crouch; Todd Goyen; Patrick C. Porter; Shawn Laughlin

8,807,110 08/18/2014 System and Method for Sampling Fluid from Piston Top Land Crevice of Piston Engine

Mitchel A. Smolik; Dustin B. Kramer; Timothy L. Haby

7,372,031 05/12/2008 System and Method for Sensitive Photon Detection

Stephen A. Cerwin; David B. Chang

9,692,529 06/27/2017 System and Method for Signal Emitter Identification Using Higher-Order Cumulants

Wayne D. Music; Ryan N. Wilson; Brian K. Anderson

7,466,827 12/28/2008 System and Method for Simulating Audio Communications Using a Computer Network

Kase J. Saylor; Gary L. Ragsdale; Jimmy R. Gaddy; Stephen R. Gray

9,470,514 10/18/2016 System and Method for Using Laser Scan Micrometer to Measure Surface Changes on Non-Concave Surfaces

Eric Liu; Sean C. Mitchem; Kerry J. McCubbin

9,869,216 01/16/2018 System and Method to Decrease Warmup Time of Coolant and Engine Oil in Engine Equipped with Cooled EGR

Terrence F. Alger II; Christopher J. Chadwell

6,704,660 03/08/2004 System and Method to Determine Thermophysical Properties of a Multi-Component Gas at Arbitrary Temperature and Pressure

Thomas E. Morrow; Kendricks A. Behring II