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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
7,504,992 03/16/2009 Wireless System Using Continuous Wave Phase Measurement for High-Precision Distance Measurement

Michael E. Pilcher Jr.; Brian E. Campion; Ben A. Abbott

8,535,282 09/16/2013 Wound Healing Sensor Techniques

Heather S. Hanson; Nitin Nitin

10,111,743 10/30/2018 Wrapping Clip for Securing a Flexible Line to Another Object

Andrew R. Moore

3,412,243 11/18/1968 X-ray Apparatus for Measuring Internal Strains in an Elastomeric Body Having Spaced Embedded Therein

Russell D. Williams; Eugene L. Anderson; Leonard U. Rastrelli

4,577,337 03/17/1986 X-ray Fluorescence Testing of Laminate Structures

Glenn M. Light;

4,406,706 09/26/1983 Yellow Colorant Composition and Paints Utilizing the Same

John M. Dale