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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
9,650,556 05/16/2017 Encapsulation of High Temperature Molten Salts

James D. Oxley; Anoop Kumar Mathur

9,650,949 05/16/2017 EGR Rate Control for Internal Combustion Engine with Dual Exhaust-Ported Cylinders

Jess W. Gingrich; Raphael F. Gukelberger

9,650,976 05/16/2017 Engine Fuel Control for Internal Combustion Engine Having Dedicated EGR

Jess W. Gingrich; Raphael Gukelberger; Jacob R. Zuehl

9,651,086 05/16/2017 Brush Damper Rings for Radial Fluid Bearing

Aaron M. Rimpel

9,651,974 05/16/2017 Electrical Power Transmission Line Length Measurement and Average Temperature Estimation

Patrick R. Heenan; Ben A. Abbott; Gary L. Ragsdale

9,657,692 05/23/2017 Internal Combustion Engine Utilizing Two Independent Flow Paths to a Dedicated Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cylinder

James P. Chiu

9,660,299 05/23/2017 Strain Measurement Based Battery Testing

Jeff Qiang Xu; Joe Steiber; Craig M. Wall; Robert Smith; Cheuk Ng

9,689,776 06/27/2017 Apparatus for Generating and Applying Linear Forces

Riccardo Meldolesi; Peter Mark Lee

9,689,802 07/14/2017 Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Analysis of Multiphase Fluid Mixture in Pipelines

Leonardo J. Caseres; James F. Dante

9,692,529 06/27/2017 System and Method for Signal Emitter Identification Using Higher-Order Cumulants

Wayne D. Music; Ryan N. Wilson; Brian K. Anderson