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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
3,627,456 12/13/1971 Vanes for Fluid Power Converter

Charles R. Gerlach

11,121,463 09/14/2021 Van Atta Antenna Array with Patch Elements and Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Dorel Marius Necsoiu; Brad D. Moore; Emilio Martinez, Jr.

3,910,494 10/06/1975 Valveless Combustion Apparatus

Rosser B. Melton, Jr.

6,769,393 08/02/2004 Valve System for Internal Combustion Engine

Stanley K. Widener; David P. Branyon; Barry E. Westmoreland

4,546,735 10/14/1985 Valve Actuator

Glenn B. O'Neal

7,236,876 06/25/2007 Use of Transient Data to Derive Steady State Calibrations for Dynamic Systems

Jayant V. Sarlashkar; Charles E. Roberts Jr.; Scott J. Schneider

7,748,976 07/05/2010 Use of Recirculated Exhaust Gas in a Burner-Based Exhuast Generation System for Reduced Fuel Consumption and for Cooling

Robert W. Burrahm; Michael G. Ross; Cynthia C. Webb; Suzanne A. Timmons; Gordon J. J. Bartley

7,389,752 06/23/2008 Use of Engine Lubricant as Ignition Fuel for Micro-Pilot Ignition System of an Internal Combustion Engine

Terrence F. Alger II; Jess W. Gingrich; Stephen F. Hahne

8,720,184 05/12/2014 Use of Braking Energy to Augment Exhaust Heat for Improved Operation of Exhaust Aftertreatment Devices

Cynthia C. Webb; Karl J Kreder III

6,948,310 09/26/2005 Use of a Variable Valve Actuation System to Control the Exhaust Gas Temperature and Space Velocity of Aftertreatment System Feedgas

Charles E. Roberts Jr.; Andrew C. Mathaeus; David P. Branyon; Rudolf H. Stanglmaier; Lee G. Dodge; Thomas W. Ryan III; Daniel W. Stewart