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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
3,056,294 10/01/1962 Volumetric Drum Meter

Robinson W. Brown; William E. Oakey

3,056,613 10/01/1962 Quick-Break Maritime Coupling

John M. Dale

3,093,827 06/10/1963 Three Loop Direction Finder Antenna for Shipboard Use

Douglas N. Travers

3,096,434 07/01/1963 Multiple Integration Flow Computer

James D. King

3,097,532 07/15/1963 Liquid Sampling Device

Robinson W. Brown; William E. Oakey

3,130,850 04/27/1964 Collapsible Container

William E. Oakey; Ethelbert J. Baker; Willis M. Mynatt; Julius W. Millard; Norman Weisberg

3,154,059 10/26/1964 Stratified Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine

Julius E. Witzky; John M. Clark, Jr.

3,159,227 11/30/1964 Weighing Apparatus

Seymour H. Raskin; Frank G. Vitiello

3,177,861 04/12/1965 Internal Combustion Engine

Roy D. Quillian

3,209,736 10/04/1965 Engine

Julius E. Witzky