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Analytic Bone Implant: 4,936,851


A analytic bone implant includes a cylindrical housing with an inner chamber designed for collecting sample of bone tissues. The outer surface of the housing is provided with a plurality of threads for securing the implant into bone tissue. The housing is further provided with a plurality of openings to allow new bone tissue to grow into a collecting basket. The openings in the housing are alignable with complementary openings in the basket. The openings on the basket are provided with sharp edges which serve as cutting blades to facilitate the removal of the bone sample. The implant includes provision for repeated access to the medullary compartment for obtaining sample of cancellous tissue for histologic and morphometric analysis.

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W.C. Fox; W.T. Balogh; P.J. Pantermuehl; T.B. Aufdemore; G.R. Holt