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Apparatus and Method for Measuring Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC) in High Voltage Transmission Conductors


An apparatus and method for measuring geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to measure GICs temporarily flowing in high-voltage, 60 Hz power transmission conductors, and includes a securing means for securing the apparatus to the power transmission conductor. The apparatus further includes a flux concentrator having a toroidal ferrite core and winding wound around the core configured to capture a magnetic field from the power transmission conductor; a hall-effect sensor assembly configured to receive the magnetic field from the flux concentrator and produce a voltage signal corresponding to the magnetic field; and an electronics module configured to receive the voltage signal from the hall-effect sensor assembly, conduct measurements, and transmit the measurements to a local access point.

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Andrew J. Phillips; Richard Lordan; J. M. Major