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Apparatus for Inflating Cuff for Blood Pressure Monitoring System: 4,800,892


An inflation system for providing rapid, linear inflation of a container, such as an occlusion cuff used in connection with a blood pressure monitoring system. The invention system provides an automatic fast-fill of the cuff to a predetermined pressure level, followed by a smooth, linear pressurization profile which is independent of the volume of the cuff. An efficient electronic actuation system allows the system to inflate the cuff many times using the power supplied by a low power battery. A pressure relief system is provided to automatically terminate operation of the inflation system once systolic pressure has been detected or if the pressure in the system rises above a predetermined level. The system is extremely lightweight and compact, thus allowing a patient to carry the system on his person without undue fatigue.

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William D. Perry; Donald H. Heihn; H. Herbert Peel