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Apparatus and Methods for Exhaust Gas Recirculation for an Internal Combustion Engine: 10,233,809


A method to process exhaust gas expelled from at least one cylinder of a plurality of cylinders of an internal combustion engine, the method comprising providing an internal combustion engine, wherein the engine comprises a steam hydrocarbon reformer including a steam reformation catalyst, treating exhaust gas of the engine containing hydrocarbon and water by reacting the hydrocarbon and water in the presence of the steam reformation catalyst in the steam hydrocarbon reformer to provide treated exhaust gas. The treated exhaust gas includes carbon monoxide gas and hydrogen gas produced from the reaction, and mixing the treated exhaust gas, including the carbon monoxide gas and hydrogen gas produced in the steam hydrocarbon reformer with air to provide the mixture of air and treated exhaust gas introduced into the cylinders of the engine. 

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Cary A. Henry