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Asynchronous Fifo Memory With Read and Write Counter Circuitry: 9,520,179


A read count circuit and a write count circuit, each for providing a count of data read from or written to, respectively, an asynchronous FIFO memory device. These circuits use read/write clock and read/write enable inputs, the selection of which depend on whether a read or write count is being provided. Essentially, the circuit comprises a shift register having a number of cascaded flip-flops, where the number of flip-flops is based on a ratio of one clock frequency to the other. An AND element at the output of each flip-flop AND's the output of the associated flip-flop with a read/write enable signal. A pulse generator at the output of each AND element synchronizes the outputs of the AND elements with the read/write clock. An adder then sums the outputs of the pulse generators. A counter increments with the adder output and decrements with a read/write enable signal, upon each read/write clock signal, thereby providing a read/write count output. 

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Mark A. Johnson