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Audible Techniques for the Reception of Nondestructive Evaluation Information: 5,285,521


A method and apparatus for utilizing the sound and pattern recognition capabilities of the human auditory system, which takes information contained in typical instrumentation signals in the form of amplitude, frequency, and time characteristics, and converts this information into sound qualities and characteristics which are recognizable by the human listener. The method and apparatus digitizes the analog amplitude, frequency, and time information, and selects appropriate sound characteristics into which it may encode this information in standardized form that is recognizable to the human listener. The method allows for the testing or inspection of materials using nondestructive evaluation techniques in a manner that allows the tester to interpret the information provided by the testing system, either exclusively through his auditory senses, or through his auditory senses in conjunction with visual indicators.

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Amos E. Holt; Kent D. Polk; Richard A. Cervantes