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Averaged Guided Wave Inspection Technology For Ribbon Cable: 6,766,693


Averaged guided wave inspection method for a throttle cable is disclosed. Access to the engine end of the throttle cable is obtained and a transducer is applied to an end of the ribbon cable. The transducer generates an ultrasonic guided wave in the cable. The ultrasonic guided wave propagates down the entire length of the cable and reflects back from any discontinuity in the cross section of the ribbon cable. By determining the time needed for the reflected wave to travel back to the receiver, the location of any defect along the length of the cable can be determined. By moving the ribbon cable and transducer to different positions with respect to the sheath of the throttle cable, repeating the prior steps and averaging, unwanted noise caused by external influences is eliminated.

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Glenn M. Light; Ali Minachi; Kevin M. Carpenter