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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
3,324,708 06/12/1967 Bearing Test Assembly with Rotary Cage Follower

Horace E. Staph; Walter A. Gunkel; George F. Munsch

3,316,115 04/24/1967 Marking Composition

Marion D. Barnes; John M. Dale

3,310,612 03/20/1967 Encapsulating Method & Apparatus Sloped Head

George R. Somerville

3,304,528 02/13/1967 Elastomeric Strain Gauge

Leonard W. Rastrelli; Jarvis D. Michie; Eugene L. Anderson

3,304,158 02/13/1967 Purification of Dark Sulfur

John M. Dale

3,289,468 12/05/1966 Ultrasonic Transducer Positioning Apparatus

William R. Van Der Veer; Walter Gunkel

3,289,135 11/28/1966 Strain Gauges

Eugene L. Anderson; Leonard U. Rastrelli

3,283,569 11/07/1966 Method & Apparatus for Indicating Performance Characteristics of Reciprocating Piston Machines

James D. King; Carl E. Edlund

3,276,249 10/03/1966 Ultrasonic Measuring Apparatus

James D. King

3,255,626 06/13/1966 Ultrasonic Apparatus

William R. Van Der Veer