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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
8,869,592 10/27/2014 Two Stage Thermal Modulator for Gas Chromatography with Thermally Matched Grounding Point

Timothy G. Brockwell

6,267,017 07/30/2001 Two-Dimensional Array for Electromechanical and Electrochemical Spectroscopy

Michael A. Miller; Stephen J. Hudak, Jr.

7,968,488 06/27/2011 Two-Dimensional Composite Particle Adapted for Use as a Catalyst and Method of Making Same

James H. Arps; Kent Edward Coulter

8,524,364 09/02/2013 Two-Dimensional Composite Particle Adapted for use as a Catalyst and Method of Making Same

James H. Arps; Kent Coulter

9,964,093 05/08/2018 Two-Dimensional Igniter for Testing In-Cylinder Gas Velocity and/or Gas Composition

Jess W. Gingrich; Manfred Amann; Barrett Mangold

10,048,165 08/14/2018 Two-Directional Radial Load and Misalignment Testing Device

Peter M. Lee; Kevin L. Hoag; Riccardo Meldolesi; Anthony Perkins; John W. Miller

9,927,005 03/27/2018 Two-Stage Hypocycloidal Gear Train

Paul B. Hvass; Glynn R. Bartlett

5,740,785 04/20/1998 Two-Way High Pressure Loop, Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

Daniel W. Stewart (formerly Daniel W. Dickey); Evan S. Guy

6,171,343 01/08/2001 Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Components Treated to Resist Shearing and Frictional Wear

Geoffrey Dearnaley; James Lankford, Jr.

3,255,626 06/13/1966 Ultrasonic Apparatus

William R. Van Der Veer