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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
3,508,266 04/20/1970 Solid State Commutator

Paul E. Martin

3,496,633 02/23/1970 Method of Producing an Improved Elastomeric Strain Gauge

Jarvis D. Michie; Leonard U. Rastrelli; Eugene L. Anderson

3,490,024 01/12/1970 Direction Finder

William M. Sherrill; Richard Lorenz

3,461,577 08/18/1969 Method of & Apparatus for Materials Displacing Material (REDSOD)

John M. Clark, Jr.; Robinson N. Brown; Roger H. Hemion

3,446,298 05/26/1969 Weighing Apparatus

William E. Cory; Melvin A. Schrader

3,440,064 04/21/1969 Fire-Retardant Sulphur Compositions

Allen C. Ludwig

3,436,538 03/31/1969 Method of Measuring Fissionable Material Content of Fuels

Demetrios L. Basdekas

3,431,551 03/03/1969 Depth Measuring Ultrasonic Transceiver

William L. Rollwitz; Harvey S. Benson

3,427,872 02/17/1969 Method & System for Investigating the Stress Condition of Magnetic Materials

Richard W. Leep; Richard L. Pasley

3,425,399 02/03/1969 Stratified Charge Gas Engine

Raymond G. Ward; Julius E. Witzky