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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
10,695,733 06/30/2020 Multi-Disk Spinning Assembly for Atomization and Encapsulation with Spacing Disks for ADjusting Exit Gap

Albert M. Zwiener; Darren E. Barlow; Mark R. Heistand; George T. Lamberson; Jeffrey N. Harris

10,695,856 07/28/2020 Multi-Disk Spinning Assembly for Atomization and Encapsulation

Albert M. Zwiener; Darren E. Barlow; Mark R. Heistand; George T. Lamberson; Jeffrey N. Harris

10,716,758 07/21/2020 Liposomal Statin Formulation

XingGuo Cheng; Thomas A. Mustoe; Robert D. Galiano; Seok Jong Hong; Ping Xie; Shengxian Jia

10,739,314 08/11/2020 Omni-Directional Guided Wave Testing of Plate Structures Using Probe Having Rotating Guided Wave Sensor

Sergrey Vinogradov; Adam C. Cobb; Jonathan D. Bartlett; Greg A. Bustamante; Douglas R. Earnest; Clinton J. Thwing

10,744,657 08/18/2020 SEAL

Glynn R. Bartlett; Cody E. Bressler

10,753,246 08/25/2020 Technologies for Producing Exhaust Gas with Controlled Hydrocarbon Speciation

Cary A. Henry; Cynthia Chaffin Webb; Scott T. Eakle

10,766,250 09/08/2020 Print Controller and Method of Printing

Christopher L. Lewis; Matthew M. Robinson; Paul T. Evans; Peter Boeijink; Branson P. Brockschmidt

10,772,246 09/08/2020 Additive Manufacturing for Shielding Neutron and Photon Radiation

Daniel P. Speaker; Albert J. Parvin, Jr.; Nathan B. Hall

10,774,715 09/15/2020 Stabilization of Aqueous Urea Solutions Containing Organometallic Catalyst Precursors

Ryan C. Hartley; Cary A. Henry

10,775,136 09/15/2020 Edge-On Armor System with Translating and Rotating Armor Panels

James D. Walker; Daniel J. Pomerening; Kristopher C. Kozak; Nicholas J. Mueschke; Isaias S. Chocron; Gregory N. Wattis; Jesse A. Beavers; Oliver P. Harrison; Stephan J. Lemmer; Neal A. Seegmiller