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Cylindrical Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells and Methods of Making Same: 6,001,500


The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a cylindrical fuel cell comprising: providing an anode comprising a substantially solid cylindrical porous conductive matrix, said anode having an anode outer surface; intimately contacting a first proton exchange catalyst with said anode; conforming around and in intimate contact with said anode outer surface an inner polymer electrolyte membrane comprising a membrane outer surface and a membrane inner surface, wherein said membrane inner surface defines a tubular compartment and ionically communicates with said first proton exchange catalyst; providing a source of hydrogen gas in fluid communication with said first proton exchange catalyst; and, disposing around and in ionic communication with said membrane outer surface a cathode comprising a catalytically effective amount of a second proton exchange catalyst.

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Edward Bass; Patrick Merritt; Christopher Sharp; Craig Wall; John Campbell