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Diesel Engine Operation for East Transient Response and Low Emissions: 9,062,577


A method for controlling emissions in the exhaust gas of a diesel engine, the engine having an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The engine's exhaust aftertreatment system need have only an oxidation catalyst and a particulate filter (with no NOx reduction or adsorption device). In "normal" engine conditions, the engine is operated with a lean air-fuel ratio, with "normal" engine conditions being engine conditions other than transient load increase engine conditions. Also, during normal engine conditions, the EGR system is used to reduce engine-out NOx. During transient load increase engine conditions, the engine is operated stoichiometrically or near stoichiometrically and the use of EGR is interrupted.

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Chad P. Koci; Vlad L.C. Ulmet; Stefan Simescu; Magdi K. Khair; Gary D. Neely