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Dough Rolling Apparatus and Method: 7,156,642


An improved dough-rolling apparatus and method for rolling sheeted dough. The proposed invention comprises a dough-rolling apparatus having a dough sheeter, a sheeting conveyor having a ramped section, a roll-initiating curtain positioned above the ramped section, and a roll-completing curtain positioned above the conveyor and downstream from the roll-initiating conveyor. Sheeted and cut dough pieces are deposited onto a steel mesh, partially-ramped sheeter belt, where two wire-mesh rolling curtains are draped onto the sheeter belt to induce rolling of the dough pieces.

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Marlin L. Anderson; David Lawrence Barry; David Brian Emerson; William C. Flannigan; John D. Kiel; Geoffrey T. Ley; Thomas E. Lyons; Richard James Ruegg