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Edge-On Armor System with Translating and Rotating Armor Panels: 10,775,136


An armor system for protecting vehicles and other equipment against projectiles and similar threats. A track is mounted on the equipment, and an upper sled and lower sled are moveably attached to the track. An armor panel is pivotally attached to one sled and is pivotally attached with arms to the other sled. The two sleds are independently actuated along the track, such that their relative positions determine both the translational and rotational position of the armor panel. The armor panel can be quickly rotated from an undeployed position against the vehicle through a desired arc outward from the vehicle, which increases the edge-on or nearly edge-on presentation of the armor panel to the projectile. 

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James D. Walker; Daniel J. Pomerening; Kristopher C. Kozak; Nicholas J. Mueschke; Isaias S. Chocron; Gregory N. Wattis; Jesse A. Beavers; Oliver P. Harrison; Stephan J. Lemmer; Neal A. Seegmiller