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Electrode Array System for Measuring Electrophysiological Signals


An array of electrodes is constructed to allow the user to easily adjust to the correct size of the patient's head. The array is self-adhesive, pre-gelled and disposable. The array fits easily over the temple and forehead areas where EEG signals can be acquired by specially designed monitors for purposes of monitoring a number of bodily phenomena, including but not limited to, depth of anesthesia, and/or ischemia, and burst suppression. The array is connected to the monitor via a tab connector that is integral to the disposable device. The tab connector is insertible into a reusable connector that is part of a monitoring system.

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Philip H. Devlin; Rafael M. Cordero; Nassib G. Chamoun; John R. Shambroom; Charles Fendrock; Terrie L. McDaniel