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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
4,165,649 08/27/1979 Apparatus & Method for Ultrasonic Inspection of Highly Attenuative Materials

Amos S. Greer, Jr.

4,163,477 08/06/1979 Method & Apparatus for Closing Underwater Wells

John L. Johnson; Billy W. Vanzant

4,160,386 07/09/1979 Ultrasonic Inspection System Including Apparatus and Method for Tracking and Recording the Location of and Inspection Probe

Jerry L. Jackson; Theodore L. Allen; Wayne T. Flach; William D. Jolly; Steve A. Cerwin

4,143,426 03/12/1979 Permanently Attached Artificial Limb

C. William Hall; William A. Mallow; Fred Otis Hoese

4,126,106 11/20/1978 Mixed Cycle Internal Combustion Engine

Julius E. Witzky

4,113,315 09/11/1978 Combustion Apparatus for Generating Repetitive Explosions

Rosser B. Melton, Jr.; John W. Colburn, Jr.; Charles D. Wood, III

4,100,491 07/10/1978 Automatic Self-Cleaning Ferromagnetic Metal Detector

Francis M. Newman, Jr.; H. Stanley Silvus, Jr.

4,096,945 06/26/1978 System for Injecting Particulate Material into the Combustion Chamber of a Repetitive Combustion Coating Apparatus

Rosser B. Melton; Elbert M. Hubbard

4,074,444 02/20/1978 Method & Apparatus for Communicating with People

Charles J. Laenger, Sr.; Sam R. McFarland; Harry H. Peel

4,030,939 06/20/1977 Cement Composition

William A. Mallow