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Endodontic Reamer and Files


An endodontic reamer (10) and a method for manufacturing endodontic reamers (10) and files, more specifically an endodontic reamer (10) having a cylindrical shaft (12) and a working portion (16) extending forward from a removed end of the shaft. The working portion (16) includes, typically, a pair of wedged shaped projecting sections (18) that extend beyond the diameter of the shaft (12). Forward from the wedge shaped sections (18) is a nose, typically noncutting nose (24a), that has a diameter of about equal to the diameter of the shaft (12). There are typically two wedge-shaped sections projecting outward opposite one another. A novel method is provided for manufacturing an endodontic reamer (10), which consists of using a two-piece mold and a wire blank between the mold, followed by forcing the mod together, under compression, against the wire blank, to deform the blank into the shape of mold parts.

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Steven Senia;Stuart Minica;E. Steve Senia;William L. Wildey;Gene Rimmer;Ed D. Moore